NFT Digital Twin

Hyper-real NFT digital
wearables creators
for the next level of metaverse

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Who are we?

We are “Explorers”
Our dreams are not meant to end as only dreams.
We search for new planets, to make our dreams tangible, be the first ones to leave footprints
in the worlds yet untouched, and to fully savor the wonder this universe has to offer.

We are “Liberators”
Our works exist to break the human limits of movement.
Vrism frees mankind of physical bindings of how far, high, fast, and everything else
regarding an individual’s bodily motion. We do this in style.

We are “Creators”
Time stops when we lose ourselves in the sea of ideas, and when it starts ticking again,
the real thing is there in our hands. Feeling the curves and details, hearing the clicks as the parts assemble,
and seeing how our very masterpieces are being used, as creators, feels super sexy.